ReTouched Vintage Glamour: Morgan

Morgan and I became friends through a mutual contact and immediately shared our passion for arts and storytelling. Instantaneously, we started planning our first photoshoot. Morgan is a combination of Yvonne De Carlo, and Amy Winehouse. Not only is she an amazing person, but she also understands hard work, studies acting, practices dance—and probably loads of other shit I don’t know about. Most importantly, she’s funny, silly, talented, demure, sexy, and she sings! Need I say more?

My goal was to help Morgan create a look for her acting portfolio that emphasized her personality and her love for an era that has inspired her. We worked our asses off for 4 hours, photographed over 400 raw images, enjoyed wine, and played music. Before we knew it, we’d lost track of studio time and nearly cancelled our last vintage set up. We sprung into action (emergency mode) and photographed on high speed. Morgan feverishly changed outfits while I wrapped up equipment, broke down C - stands and backdrops, and we hightailed it into the freight elevator. We were in HYSTERICS!! We got great action shots towards the end, so It all worked out.

That’s a wrap…

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