Prague 10/04/2018

I got married!

I’m Mrs. Rambousek now and life has slapped me right across the face. I’ve been swept off my feet and can’t remember where the fuck I put my shoes, lol. I met my charming husband nearly 20 years ago while bartending at one of the most popular watering holes in NYC, “Whiskey Park,” owned and operated by Rande Gerber. Drinks were cheap, food was affordable, rent was $950.00 in Hell’s Kitchen, and change machine peep shows on 8th Avenue were a must see on a Friday night.

As fate would have it ( I’m attaching symbolism in order to make my life sound more interesting) we reconnected for sushi one evening and ended our night reminiscing over the glory days at a local Brooklyn watering hole over a Macallan 12 and a Jack on the rocks splash of water. After 6 months of dating, he proposed! Our relationship developed so fast that we passed on the big wedding, decided to eloped and arranged for our celebratory vacation in his homeland of the Czech Republic. It was AMAZING!

I highly recommend our lovely Hotel Augustine in Prague. It used to be an old monastery and it’s conveniently located within walking distance to local tourists attractions including; Charles Bridge, the tram station and beer gardens that serve up the traditional Kielbasa and Pilsner Urquell.

Another highlight of our trip was the architecture of the city, the masonry alone is most breathtaking. I hope you plan a trip to Prague, it’s a must see on a vacation list. We even squeezed in time for a wedding shoot with photographer, Radek Čepelák. He was so cool and really did a wonderful job at capturing our relationship.